Easter in Málaga

Do you want to have a different experience for Easter? Then you must come to Málaga. It’s fair to say that Spaniards take the Easter week very seriously and celebrate it differently than many other countries in Europe, where Easter is celebrated by simply dyeing eggs. The Holy Week consists of processions with brotherhood (cofradia) […]

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Typical Restaurants in Málaga

There are tons of places to get food in Málaga. Aside from typical local food you can also find Italian or Asian places for example. However in this post I am going to focus on places that serve typical local food. There is no way to possibly list all the food places of Málaga, so […]

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Top free things to do in Malaga

Visiting one of the awesome museums Have you heard that on sundays museums are free in Malaga? It’s true, almost all of the 36 museums are free, so go ahead and visit one. Since sundays are mostly spent with family, most of the stores and shops are closed, there is not much else left to […]

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