Private Tour

Not only do we share HISTORY, we create EXPERIENCES!

The Walking Tours Malaga team wants you to experience a unique and amazing experience. If you are planning​ a private and personalised tour​ of Malaga, we can help. We manage and organize all the complementary services you need, from restaurants, ticket management, transfers and an endless number of things so that you have an unforgettable stay in Malaga without having to worry about anything else but enjoy. You are the one who decides how, when, where and what you want to see and we take care of making your wishes come true. The ​Private Tour​s aimed at ​individuals (couples or groups), schools, language academies, companies or associations.

Just enjoy while we take care of the rest!

What do we manage?

  • Guided walking tours  throughout Malaga
  • Ticket management.
  • Restaurants
  • Complementary activities (flamenco shows, tapas tour, museums).
  • Transfers and getting around

Can you think of anything else? We do it for you

Why choose us?

  1. A ​single intermediary​ who manages all services.
  2. We are​ experts when it comes to Malaga​.
  3. Extensive network of​ local partners.
  4. Tailor-made services adapted to ​the needs of each client.
  5. Wide network of ​official local guides​.
  6. Wide ​variety of languages:​ Spanish, English, French, Italian and German (please contact us to check the availability of the tour guide).

We make it possible. Ask us any question!


Why Choose Us

100% local guides

We know our way around Andalusia and we are not afraid to show you!

International experience

Not only have we crossed paths with a lot of international people but we have traveled a lot ourselves! Adventure, exploration and cultural exchange is a big part of our value system.

Open minded and accepting

We have experience and accept people of all walks of life! We are pet friendly as well! So feel free to bring you dog /imaginary friend / T-Rex, we don’t judge!